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State Theatre Presents: The Talbott Brothers

Event ID: 193237
October 17, 2019
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Price: $24 Reserved
Auburn State Theatre
985 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603
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Venue Information:
Phone: 530.885.0156
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Brothers Nick and Tyler Talbott are a product of America’s heartland. Playing an alternative blend of folk, rock and blues, The Talbott Brothers creatively combine effortless blood harmonies with storytelling.

Ghost Talker is their second full-length studio album, with lyrics pulling from the trials of everyday life and the questions we all face.

Rolling Stone names "Run No More," lead single from their 2019 Ghost Talker album, one of the ‘10 Best Americana Songs to Hear Now.’ Run No More forces a look at the past while offering a soul shaking guitar solo that feels like a rally cry; the song is “about when your legs give out and you gotta turn around and fight.”

At its core, the album is transformative in nature, prompting the listener to question motives, face realities, and go to war with their own ghosts. Spiritual apprehension and seeking answers are common themes.

“Everyone has ghosts, whether they talk about them or not. We wanted to take off the mask and be honest with this record, hoping that what we needed to say is what people needed to hear” say the sibling duo.

Drawing influence from John Mayer, Kaleo and Mumford & Sons, Ghost Talker will challenge your built-in world view and push you to embrace the unknown.

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