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Shown below are all ongoing upcoming events posted to the calendar. Ongoing events are those that will be lasting at least a month - such as an exhibition at a museum, or a state fair.

You may also be interested in non-ongoing current events.

All Ongoing Events

Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and Depot Gift Shop - ONGOING

Ongoing thru January 01, 2023 Colfax, CA Come in and see what is happening in the Colfax area from Blue Canyon to Meadow Vista. Visit with our volunteer ambassadors to find out... read more

Portrait Painting - ONGOING

Ongoing thru October 27, 2021 Sacramento, CA Ongoing Every Wednesdays from 2:30 to 5:00 PM $95 per month This class is designed for the student who wants to excel at portraiture.... read more

Sierra Vista Community Center Flea Market Every 3rd Saturday - ONGOING

Ongoing thru December 18, 2021 Colfax, CA Come out and find some good buys and have a lot of fun! Community Flea Market at Sierra Vista Community Center every 3rd Saturday 8AM to 2PM.... read more

Open Studio At Sierra Vista Art Center - ONGOING

Ongoing thru March 15, 2022 Colfax, CA Join other artists for an simulating open painting studio panting get together. Bring your own supplies ( Most medias) and there will be a trained... read more

Articlass By Agora Gallery - ONGOING

Ongoing thru November 03, 2021
Articlass By Agora Gallery
Virtual, NY If you're an artist looking to enhance your skills and connect with creative individuals like yourself from around the world, we have a surprise... read more

Family Friendly Virtual Burrowing Owl Festival - ONGOING

Ongoing thru March 28, 2023
Family Friendly Virtual Burrowing Owl Festival
Virtual, CA Learn about all about Burrowing Owls. How to live like a Burrowing Owl. Their biology. Ethical photography. Kid activities. All virtual. Fun... read more

Underground Fun: Importance Of Caves & Karst In Bat Conservation - ONGOING

Ongoing thru March 29, 2022
Underground Fun: Importance Of Caves & Karst In Bat Conservation
Virtual, CA Learn about the importance of caves. What is a karst? Importance of conservation. read more

Arts Of Point Richmond -new Exhibit At Post Office - ONGOING

Ongoing thru January 04, 2022
Arts Of Point Richmond -new Exhibit At Post Office
Richmond, CA October 7 through January 4, 2022 at Post Office, 104 Washington Avenue, Point Richmond. Exhibit features photographs by Bob Colin. Bob... read more

Now And Them - ONGOING

November 01, 2021 -
December 27, 2021
Now And Them
Auburn, CA A special show featuring Stan Padilla, Joe Strickland, Larry Ortiz, Anthony Maki Gill, J Randall Smith and Keith Sutter. See what they've been... read more

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